How healthy are you?

In today’s world, we are more concerned about our health. Our children today are also being taught to be healthy.  How healthy are we? Do we take the right vitamin supplements? Do we exercise like we are suppose to? Do we eat the proper meals?

We are all busy and we don’t always take the time to make sure we are keeping our body healthy. Our kids have sports, we work late, and so on. By taking the right vitamin supplements, we are giving our bodies the nutrients we are missing from our diets. The next question is, how do we know our supplements are working? Not every supplement is providing the right nutrients for us. Our body doesn’t absorb a lot of the vitamins.  There are studies that show that many of our top brand vitamins can not be absorbed. When you take a solid vitamin that is compressed and wrapped in compounds to hold them together, they are too hard for our bodies to break down. So what do we do?

There is a line of vitamins that is fantastic to take, they are the Isotonix line. These vitamins are in powder form, you mix the with the proper amount of water on the measuring cap and your body will absorb 95% when taken on an empty stomach. How cool is that? There are many different ones such as: multivitamin (with and without iron), vitamin D, vitamin C, OPC3, Joint Formula and many more. To read more about them, go to  and check out the health and nutrition category. Follow my posts to learn more about these great vitamins and more.