Fearing the Unknown…

Everyone has a fear that they are totally afraid to overcome. The thought of avoiding it is present and strong, mainly because we are 1. afraid to know the outcome or 2. because we are afraid of what other people will think and say. Everyone has different fears. The best way to over come them is to do the task that you’re afraid of.

Many people are afraid to go to the doctor because they are afraid of what they will tell you. They have it set in their mind that something is really wrong and don’t want to face it. When in many cases, it is not so bad a couple of adjustments in lifestyle and you can make it better. But you have to overcome the fear of it. There is nobody on this planet that can go to the doctor for you and come back and tell you what is wrong, so be tough and go.

The longer you allow the fear to set in, the longer you are prolonging the symptoms and the harder it is to get better quicker. It could simply be a change in diet or a medicine that will make the adjustment you need.

So, beat the fear, get checked out. It could be a lifesaving action and by going you are encouraging others to do the same!!

Stay healthy!!


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