What is Isotonix OPC3?

  Isotonix OPC-3 (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins) made from Pycnogenol which is nature’s super antioxidant, is a vitamin supplement chocked full of compounds to help keep your body health. OPC-3 can help with so many different health issues. If you or someone you know suffer from any of the following: Crohn’s, Diabetes, Asthma/Bronchitis, Sinus, Headache Pain, Fibromyalgia, Allergies, MS, Joint Flexibility, ADD/ADHD and more,  you or that person may benefit greatly from taking this product. This product is in powder form and mixes with water. It is made of: Grape Seed Extract, Red Wine Extract, Citrus Extract Bioflavonoids, Bilberry Extract, and Pine Bark Extract (Pynogenol).

I have some very personal experiences with this product. Both of my children have had asthma since they were born. Always going to the doctor, and always worrying is very hard to deal with as a parent. I have been giving them this product now since June and they have greatly benefited from it. For the first time ever in their lives, their doctor has not given them their asthma medicine. My son is 12 and my daughter is 8 and they have been taking medicine for all their young lives. Their colds don’t last as long and they don’t get the scary cough. I myself too have asthma and have been taking this since May and my systems are pretty much gone. I also have always had problems with my hip and shoulder, constant pain in them. Since I have been taking OPC-3, it is minimal, even if it bothers me at all.

This supplement is awesome, if you would like to read and learn more, go to http://www.shop.com/LMaccabee and go to antioxidants. You can watch a quick video and read other testimonials.


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